Charles "Chico" Wheeler (1946 - 2019)
Born: ?

Not much is known about Charles Wheeler’s life, as he likes to keep personal information to himself. Livingston Roberts was his main mentor.

Charles began his painting career by making frames for Alfred Hair. He started painting sometime in the mid to late 1960s. Like most of the other Highwaymen, he took to the roadways to sell his work. He supplemented his income from painting by working in the Fort Pierce and Vero citrus groves. In the early days, he would paint with Livingston after a full day of work.

Charles Wheeler’s subject matter is more extensive than some of the other Highwaymen. He paints figures that pick oranges, hang laundry, fish, and walk down dirt roads. His landscapes and seascapes are dreamy and colorful, often sporting vibrant skies. He also paints animals: deer, dogs, cows, and birds. His landscapes are more “lived in” than most other Highwaymen paintings, evoking a sense that Wheeler may experience the scenery in an active fashion.

Charles Wheeler Biography information: obtained from website This website is a fantastic reference to learn about the 26 Florida Highwaymen artists and their importance to Florida's history.

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