Al Black (1947-)
Born: Jackson, Mississippi

In 1960 at the age of thirteen Al Black ran away from home to his grandmother's house in Fort Pierce, Florida. Working his way up from deliveryman to salesman he sold typewriters at Fort Pierce Typewriter. His salesmans skills were very good and eventually became Alfred Hairs and other Highwaymans top painting seller. His ability to sell earned him the nickname blood short for young blood as a youth. Black took up painting in the 1970s after Alfred Hair died. Black spent time in prison for embezzlement and was addicted to crack cocaine. While in prison, he began painting murals-on walls, garbage cans, anywhere he was allowed. He was released in December 2006. Al Black states he has found the Lord, and his paintings reflect this; he includes three birds in most of his works representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Al Black Biography information: Catherine M. Enns - Author, The Journey of the Highwayman

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